On the Path of War there’s no turning back


We’re on the path of war and there’s no turning back…


Yesterday Duccio Dini, a 29 year old was the innocent victim of a chase between two cars, both led by men of Rom ethnicity.
The march in memory of Duccio Dini turned into a riot against the rom camp of Poderaccio.

About 200 people, shouting “Via la merda da Firenze”, attempted to reach the rom settlement starting from Viale Canova, the place where the garrison had initially been settled.

The demonstrators were blocked by a cordon of law enforcement at the end of via dell’Argingrosso, under a flyover.

Here tension rose, someone tried to break through the roadblock but without success.

A bottle has been launched against the patriotic crowd and many offenses yelled against it.

Many Italian flags were waved in the wind and these people invoked the name of Matteo Salvini.